Find details on our upcoming events, and events which will be of interest to our supporters.

An Alternative COP26

From Monday 8th November to Thursday 11th November,  the Peace and Justice Project is working with trade unions and campaigns across Scotland,  UK and across the world to host an alternative COP26. Bringing together speakers and cultural figures, we will host four days of talks, discussions and performances to ensure that the voices of workers and under-represented groups are recognised.

Bradford News Club Launch

On Saturday 17th July the Peace and Justice Project will be hosting the first meeting of the Bradford News Club, a space for people to discuss what’s in the news (and what’s not), hear from local and national campaigns to hear what’s really happening behind the headlines and to start to build a new, independent media landscape.

Please RSVP below and we’ll get back to you with confirmation about the time and location of the meeting. Due to Covid regulations spaces are limited. Please ensure you follow Covid safe measures including wearing a mask and social distancing throughout the event.

RSVP using this form and you will receive a confirmation by Wednesday 14th July with the location.

Building worker power for climate justice – Exeter

As global leaders meet for November’s COP26 Global Climate Summit in Glasgow, we will mobilise action that puts workers up front. And we’ll be starting of in Exeter on Saturday 26th July for our first Green New Deal discussion with Jeremy Corbyn and we want you to be a part of it.

We’ll be presenting our proposals to put workers at the forefront of the climate justice movement and start putting our plan into action – but only with your help. Join us on Saturday 25th July – RSVP by filling out the form and click register and you will receive a confirmation email by Monday 19th July.

Building worker power for climate justice – Cornwall

"Arms races make us all less safe"

Selling Death: Why the International Arms Trade Must be Controlled

The Peace and Justice Project is proud to support Egypt Watch’s upcoming event: Selling Death: Why the International Arms Trade Must be Controlled, an international conference that aims to shed light on the horrific abuses of the arms trade, and help build a movement to fight back.

Join the event on Saturday July 17th, 2021, at 4pm London time, and sign up now.

Voices of Refugees

We are amid one of the biggest humanitarian crises in history.

Almost 80 million people globally have been forced to flee their homes against their will by wars, climate change and environmental destruction, oppression, extreme poverty, and corporate greed.

Refugees are not passive victims; but people whose ideas, and experiences should shape a more just and decent world.

Supported by the International Transport Workers’ Federation, this event will bring together displaced people from different backgrounds across the world, to explain their struggles as well as their hopes for the future. This event is the beginning – not the end – of building a movement for global justice with displaced people at its heart. Join us.

Jeremy Corbyn waving to a crowd of supporters and press

Launch of Project for Peace and Justice

Join us in the New Year and help launch our global push for peace and justice, with Jeremy Corbyn and speakers from around the world.

After a year of crisis and upheaval, this has to be the year that we bring people together across borders and backgrounds to find solutions to our shared problems and stand up for a just future.

Take part in a Q&A with figures including anti-apartheid campaigner and minister in Nelson Mandela’s government Ronnie Kasrils, union leaders Baroness Christine Blower and Len McCluskey, young climate justice leader Scarlett Westbrook, former Greek socialist finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, and Zarah Sultana MP.