News Clubs

Across the country the Peace and Justice Project is setting up news clubs, a space for people to discuss what’s in the news (and what’s not), hear from local and national campaigns to hear what’s really happening behind the headlines and to start to build a new, independent media landscape.

Use this form to join News Clubs UK the national mailing list to get a weekly round-up of the top stories from independent media and to be the first to know when we’ve set up a news club in your area. 


Norfolk News Club – click here to join their next meeting! 

Join the Manchester News Club.  

Glasgow News Club usually meets on the last Tuesday of the month

Catch up on our Bin the Billionaires event – Jeremy Corbyn in conversation with Gary Younge about the state of our media and how we can build a new media.

Supported by People’s Assembly. 

We’re working with some great partners in the independent media including ByWire, Double Down News and the Independent Media Association. Give them a follow. 

West Yorkshire News Club – click here to join the mailing list. 

Dundee and Fife News Club meets on the last Wednesday of the month. Join us for our next meeting. 

South London News Club – get involved by clicking here.