Take action with the Peace and Justice Project

We’re bringing people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights. Working with the labour and social movements we will empower activists and build progressive networks in Britain and across the world.

Join us – let us know what you’re interested in and any skills you can contribute. 

Jeremy Corbyn helping out in a coffee shop

We’re working with trade unions and activist groups across the country to build grassroots campaigns that demand a fairer and just world.  

Find out more about what the Project and our partners are up to below:

Working with the COP26 Coalition Trade Union caucus, we’re building vibrant workers blocs to be on all 10 national demonstrations.  

The Belmarsh Tribunal: The War On Terror on Trial
On 22nd October Progressive International hosted a people’s tribunal to put the real crimes to a tribunal which included Daniel Ellsberg, Deepa Govindarajan Driver and Jeremy Corbyn.  Catch up here

WATCH: How garment workers are fighting for justice
Catch up on this webinar by War on Want and No Sweat bringing together fashion industry experts, and those organising and representing workers on the frontline.

Take action with the Peace and Justice Project