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— We’re working with trade unions and activist groups across the country to build grassroots campaigns that demand a fairer and just world.

Don't Extradite Assange

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Sign the official Don't Extradite Assange petition here.

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Pandemic Solidarity

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Read more about our current work, organising three campaigns focusing on worker unionisation, public transport and setting up clothing banks

To get involved in this campaign email:

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Public Ownership Now

PON website

Inflation is going up.

Wages are going down.

The cost of living crisis has laid bare the inequality and injustice of the broken system.

Billionaires and big business continue to increase their wealth at the expense of fair pay for workers, communities and the future of our planet.

All of this must change.

Use this form to write to your MP and and tell them we need an immediate wealth tax, with our energy, water, rail and mail in public hands to bring down bills and help us build a fairer society of peace, justice and shared wealth.

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Peace & Justice Project Shop


Check out the Peace & Justice Project shop, in partnership with Philosophy Football, where you can purchase our branded merch and support our campaigns.

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Right To Clothing

Right to Clothing (Logo)

Clothing deprivation, as a result of poverty, is a large and growing problem in the UK and around the world. As politicians, media commentators and everyone else talks about the cost of living crisis in relation to food and heating, many often forget about another basic necessity: clothing. We're campaigning to change that and make sure everyone has access to high-quality, affordable clothes through the right to clothing.

Over 300,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill in the UK each year. We want to know what retailers are doing with their returned items and end of line stock, can you help us? ​

Use this tool below to send an email to fashion brands and clothing retailers and if you receive a response, please forward it over to us at

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Fight For Your Right To Strike


Its just been announced that the Tory government will be trying to push through new anti-trade union laws to prevent workers from taking industrial action.

We’ve seen dozens of strikes over the past year, with hundreds of thousands of workers demanding better wages and conditions.

Use the tool below to write to your MP asking them to tell Rishi Sunak that we don't want more restrictions on the right to strike - and instead focus on supporting their constituents through the cost of living crisis. ​

Please add their name at the top and your name at the bottom and edit the letter as you wish.

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Music For The Many

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Music For The Many works with organisations, trade unions and supporters to promote and secure the long-term futures of music venues as community assets and support people from marginalised communities in accessing opportunities in the creative industry.

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