Affiliate your trade union branch

The Peace and Justice Project supports the work of the trade unions representing millions of people in workplaces up and down the country, amplifying campaigns and standing in solidarity with striking workers, as well as those undertaking action abroad.

From working in solidarity with union campaigns, supporting ongoing strike action around the UK and abroad, the Peace and Justice Project amplifies the cause of trade union membership, fair pay, conditions and pensions.

By affiliating your trade union branch, you will be directly supporting us to improve workers rights and extend solidarity.

In addition to advocating the incredible work of trade unions, the Peace and Justice Project is proud to encourage and facilitate full union membership amongst its team.

See below this model of affiliation to the Peace and Justice Project. Please ensure that you enter the name of your union and branch, as well as your affiliation fee amount, in the space provided below. The rates of affiliation are £10 per month or £120 annually.

Please insert your trade union and branch in the 'comment' section below.

Motion to affiliate to the Peace and Justice Project:

"This (insert: branch/region/union) congratulates the Peace and Justice Project on its campaigning work bringing people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights, in Britain and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Project is working at a National and local level working with labour and social movements and providing platforms to those campaigning for change for the many, not the few.

This (insert: branch/region/union) therefore agrees to both affiliation and to encourage our members to get involved in the Peace and Justice projects as an individual to support its aims and campaigns."