The Choices for Ireland: Jeremy Corbyn at Féile an Phobail

JC x Feile 1
Peace & Justice Project founder Jeremy Corbyn addresses Féile an Phobail, Ireland's biggest community arts festival.

The event, held at St Mary's University College in Belfast, addressed the choices Ireland faces – to realise the internationalist vision of James Connolly or to follow the increasing global trend of racism and authoritarianism.

In his speech to a packed-out hall, Jeremy said: “Féile an Phobail does so much to open the minds and understanding of people, and helping to bring about a more just and peaceful world.”

Jeremy also spoke about the work of the Peace & Justice Project as a force in building movements to fight austerity, support workers and trade unions and work for peace, diplomacy and nuclear disarmament around the world.

Following his speech, Jeremy said: "Thank you to the people of Belfast for a truly inspirational visit. I was honoured to speak at Féile an Phobail and pay tribute to the Irish community back in my constituency, Islington North. Above all, I was buoyed by the hope of young people campaigning for freedom, peace and unity."

JC x Gerry
Jeremy Corbyn alongside former Sinn Féin president and Member of Parliament, Gerry Adams.

Gerry Adams reflects on Féile an Phobail in his most recent Belfast Media column.

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