Read Jeremy Corbyn's full speech to ManiFiesta 2023

Addressing a huge crowd at the 20,000 capacity ManiFiesta Festival in Ostend, Jeremy Corbyn delivered a hopeful and uplifting call to arms. Read it here:

"Thank you very much for welcoming me to this wonderful event. It is inspiring to be among such an exciting, diverse and committed gathering of people and movements.

We need your inspiration and your commitment now more than ever.

Look around the world at crises pilling on top of crises and you can see: We are running out of time.

We are out of time in the climate emergency. 2023 - a year of record heat, flooding, fires and melting ice - might be remembered as the year that global warming moved from a gradual heating to a rapid breakdown. This is not a scientific or abstract phenomenon. Its social reality is made clear in failing harvests, dried up water beds, rising prices, disrupted supply chains and forced migration.

We are out of time with global inequality. Over a quarter of the countries on earth are facing debt crises while the world's eight richest individuals have as much wealth as the bottom half of humanity.

We are out of time with insecurity and poverty. In the UK, as many as 1 in 8 workers receive poverty in return for their full-time employment. Wages today are the level they were in 2005 as nearly everything has gotten a lot more expensive and public services have been reduced."

Jeremy Corbyn at ManiFiesta 2023.

"We are out of time with war. As conflicts rage around the world, the global arms trade profits from death, displacement and misery. Last year alone, so-called defence companies amassed sales of $592 billion, its seventh year on the rise and a startling figure that will only continue to grow without significant steps to de-escalate the world's conflicts and growing tensions.

It seems that peace is simply not profitable and those who call for an end to the bloodshed through diplomacy are relentlessly attacked.

That’s why what we are gathered here to do is so urgent. What are we doing? We are building the confidence of people and movements to grow their power.

Grow their power to deliver a Global Green New Deal that ends fossil fuels and builds a new global energy system based on sustainability, renewal and sharing of high technology.

Grow their power to end the rampant inequalities by building global partnerships and new trade deals here in Europe and around the world, with debt forgiveness and the sharing of technologies and medicines.

Grow their power to end poverty by organising at the workplace in trade unions and in society to better distribute our collective wealth to win security and dignity for all.

Grow their power to build a united movement for peace and an end to the global arms trade that fans the flames of war and aggression.

That’s the task of each and every one of us gathered here today. Look around you. Take courage and strength from each other, knowing that movements when they are strong and united change history and expand freedom. That’s what we are doing together today, tomorrow and for the rest of history."


Approximately 20,000 people attend ManiFiesta in Ostend - one of the biggest political, cultural and artistic gatherings in Europe.