Poverty in the UK is 'deepening', new Joseph Rowntree Foundation report finds

'UK Poverty 2024' report, published today, says we need a coherent plan with creative policies to end poverty in the UK.

The report finds that six million people are living in 'deep' poverty in the UK, earning below 40% of the British median income. This shocking statistic means that a significant proportion of Britain's workers would need to more than double their current salaries just to make it above the breadline.

This stark figure, which has risen by 1.5 million in the last 20 years, is due to stagnant wages and other contributing factors such as an inadequate welfare state and lack of government support with the cost of living crisis.

Entering an election year, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has called on all political parties to create coherent plan to "tackle hardship and expand the foundations of economic security to everyone".

Reacting to the release of the UK Poverty 2024 report, a spokesperson for the Peace & Justice Project said:

"The findings of this new report lay bare the countless failings of successive governments to tackle poverty in Britain. Whilst the super rich get richer, those struggling to get by face low wages, obscene energy bills, soaring cost of living and a welfare state that is not fit for purpose.

We believe that everyone is entitled to dignity and fair pay at work, starting off at £15 per hour, which would bring an end to working poverty in Britain and provide a safety net for the millions living in unimaginable hardship.

We also join the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's calls for a welfare system that provides critical support for claimants, and provides them with the necessary support with the cost of living, bills and financial commitments."

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