'Poetry For The Many' in Bristol and Brighton

Jeremy Corbyn travelled to Bristol and Brighton for sold-out promotional events for his 'Poetry For The Many' anthology.

In the first of two events in a week, Jeremy Corbyn joined a very special sold-out "in conversation" event with poet Kat Lyons, Raise The Bar's Danny Carlo Pandolfi and a series of guest readers at the Bristol Beacon.

Jeremy's second event was at a sold-out Brighthelm Centre in Brighton alongside famous local poet John Baine, better known as Attila The Stockbroker, and was a wide-ranging discussion on how the idea for the book came about, the importance and significance of the poems included, and how spoken word has shaped modern politics.

Jeremy Corbyn and Attila The Stockbroker in conversation at the Brighthelm Centre.

Since the launch of Poetry For The Many, both Jeremy Corbyn and Len McCluskey have participated in numerous promotional events for the book, including appearances in London, Edinburgh and Oxford, with many more still to come.

Due to overwhelming demand, a second print run of Poetry For The Many has now commenced.

Order your copy of Poetry For The Many by Jeremy Corbyn and Len McCluskey here.

Header photo credit: ShamPhat