Peace & Justice Project: Solidarity with Stop The War Coalition

Samuel Sweek addresses the Stop The War Coalition's Annual General Meeting with a message of support from Peace & Justice Project and its founder, Jeremy Corbyn MP. Read it below:

"Greetings and solidarity from the Peace & Justice Project.

The Peace & Justice Project unequivocally condemns Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and demands an end to the war through diplomatic means — preceded by an immediate ceasefire and an end to the violence, death and destruction that has cost thousands of lives and displaced millions.

We condemn the increase in rhetoric against those of us who proudly stand against the ongoing violence in Ukraine and the obscene inflation of Western defence budgets whilst working class communities are devastated by austerity, the cost of living crisis and decades of low pay and wage stagnation.

Every pound spent on war is money not spent on our hospitals, schools, crumbling public services and infrastructure.

Every pound given to the global arms trade is money taken away from workers, many of whom have been on picket lines in the past year and demonised by right-wing papers as greedy money grabbers whilst the wealthy bosses, global arms trade and the companies pushing people into poverty with rip-off bills celebrate record profits.

Every pound given to the parasitic cheerleaders of war, many of whom have been in London this week for the DSEI arms fair, is food from the table of a struggling family, a roof off of the head of someone experiencing homelessness and the theft of a liveable and sustainable future on this planet for our children and future generations.

It is also a notable and sad reality that these exhibitors of death will be welcome to the Labour Party conference in Liverpool next month, whilst many of us principled, anti-war socialists will not.

The Peace & Justice Project supports resolution here today to bring a swift end to the conflict through peaceful and diplomatic means — in Ukraine and elsewhere.

From Saudi Arabia’s aggression in Yemen and Israel’s occupation of Palestine, to recent events in Niger. The UK government, as well as other leading nations, must work tirelessly to bring about peace and justice around the world — with people and planet at the heart of their efforts, not the protection of greed, profit and dodgy deals with dictatorships.

As you will know, this absolutely vital organisation has been supported by Jeremy Corbyn, who founded the Peace & Justice Project, since its formation in 2001.

Today he is in Machynlleth, Wales commemorating 50 years since the US-sponsored coup in Chile that led to the collapse of the Allende government, the death of the democratically-elected socialist president and the imprisonment, torture and murder of thousands under the Pinochet dictatorship, with comrades at the El Sueño Existe festival.

Here is a message from Jeremy Corbyn:

“My sincerest apologies for being unable to attend today’s meeting.
The role of the Stop The War coalition has never been as important as it is now. With wars raging around here in Europe, in Africa and the Middle East, we must show leadership and unity in our demand for a world of peace, free from nuclear weapons and the influence and interference of weapons manufacturers in our democracy.
As conflicts rage around the world, the global arms trade profits from death, displacement and misery. Last year alone, so-called defence companies amassed sales of $592 billion, its seventh year on the rise and a startling figure that will only continue to grow without significant steps to de-escalate the world's conflicts and growing tensions.
It seems that peace is simply not profitable and those who call for an end to the bloodshed through diplomacy are relentlessly attacked.
But through these attacks, we must continue with our mission of building the confidence of people and movements to grow their power and shut down the war machine.
We cannot rest until the world of peace promised to future generations is a reality.
My best wishes and solidarity for a successful AGM.”

Let us be as resolute in our aims today as we were when this coalition was first formed. Let us work in unity and global solidarity to bring an end to this seemingly endless cycle of violence and destruction.

Let us embrace the future of our movement and build a solid, inclusive united front against all wars, all forms of bigotry and media maligning we face in the struggle for peace.

Thanks — and solidarity!"