Peace & Justice Project holds Unionise Ginsters rally with BFAWU in Cornwall

Ginsters 1
Our founder Jeremy Corbyn MP was joined by Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union general secretary Sarah Woolley and Ginsters workers at the packed-out rally in Callington.

The rally, hosted by the Peace & Justice Project, took place in Callington in support of the petition with three demands to Samworth Brothers bosses. The demands are paying Samworth employees a fair living wage, giving them full sick pay and recognising the BFAWU as its trade union.

Speaking at the rally at Callington Social Club, Jeremy Corbyn said: “Over recent weeks we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of workers taking action to improve their pay and protect their conditions. That’s why I’m proud our Peace & Justice Project is organising this campaign alongside BFAWU.

John James, regional organiser for BFAWU, added: “Ginsters is a household name and turns profits in the millions every year. Our message is simple: Ginsters and Samworth Brothers would not be a billion-pound company without its workers who make the pasties that we all enjoy. It’s time they were treated properly and Ginsters recognise BFAWU.”

Ginsters 2
Solidarity from the Unionise Ginsters rally!
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