NEWS: Jeremy Corbyn and Laura Alvarez attend inauguration of Gabriel Boric in Chile

On Friday 11 March, Jeremy Corbyn and Laura Alvarez of the Peace & Justice Project were honoured to attend the inauguration of the new President of Chile, Gabriel Boric.

Joining leaders and diplomats from around the world, Jeremy and Laura attended the ceremony at the Palacio de La Moneda in Santiago.

During their visit to Chile, Jeremy and Laura toured numerous sites of historical and cultural significance, from the graves of Victor Jara and Salvador Allende, to the Museo de Memoria y los Derechos Humanos exhibitions on the September 1973 military coup and the appalling human rights abuses of the Pinochet dictatorship.


Jeremy Corbyn visits the grave of Salvador Allende


The election of Gabriel Boric marks a moment of great significance for Chile.  Fifty years on from the military coup that ended with the death of democratically-elected president Salvador Allende, Boric will now set about ending the rampant inequalities across the country, enabled by the landslide referendum victory for a new constitution that draws decades of failed neoliberal economics and an opportunity to genuinely change Chile for the better.

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn’s message of support and solidarity for Gabriel Boric: