Julian Assange Is Free

After more than 5 years imprisoned at Belmarsh Prison, WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange is free.

Julian Assange's release comes following a plea deal with the US government and means will spend no time in US custody before returning to Australia.

This significant victory follows years of tireless campaigning from numerous groups and individuals, including Julian's wife Stella, who has been a phenomenal advocate for justice and accountability.

The current WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson has released a statement confirming Julian's release and has advised that further information will be available in the coming days.

Following the news of Julian Assange's release, our founder Jeremy Corbyn expressed his satisfaction with the plea deal, but referred to Julian's incarceration at Belmarsh Prison as "a grotesque miscarriage of justice."

The Peace & Justice Project will continue to stand with Julian Assange, his family and all those who campaign and advocate for a fairer world of peace, truth and democracy.

“Julian exposed the crimes of the powerful. His incarceration was — and always will be — a grotesque miscarriage of justice.”
– Jeremy Corbyn, Peace & Justice Project founder

In May this year, weeks before Julian Assange's successful application to appeal, Peace & Justice Project recorded an interview with Stella Assange to mark World Press Freedom Day.

Watch the full interview below:

Jeremy Corbyn & Stella Assange: The World Press Freedom Day Interview
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