Jeremy Corbyn meets Irish president Michael D. Higgins on 'Poetry For The Many' visit to Dublin

Jeremy Corbyn spoke at the Tressell Festival and Connolly Books in Dublin.

This weekend our founder Jeremy Corbyn attended the Tressell Festival in Dublin, a celebration of Robert Tressell's The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists and its lasting legacy on trade unionism and socialist politics around the world.

On his visit, Jeremy presented Michael D. Higgins, the President of the Republic of Ireland, with his own copy of Poetry For The Many as a gift from Peace & Justice Project.

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Jeremy Corbyn was greeted by Michael D. Higgins on his arrival at Tressell Festival.

Later on, Jeremy Corbyn participated in a panel discussion with Amazon Labor Union president Chris Smalls. Following this, Jeremy attended a Poetry For The Many book signing event at Connolly Books in Dublin, where he was presented with special edition copies of the works of James Connolly.

Jeremy Corbyn on a panel with Amazon Labor Union president Chris Smalls.

Poetry For The Many is now available to order at OR Books here.