Jeremy Corbyn joins Chris Smalls for 'Striking Back: How We Win'

JC n Smalls
Peace & Justice Project founder Jeremy Corbyn joined the Amazon Labor Union president for a special panel hosted at SOAS in London.

They were joined by Conor Geraghty and Darren Westwood, who led the UK's first Amazon strikes earlier this year, as well as ADCU's general secretary James Farrar and striking RCN nurse Ellen Grogan, for a special panel and discussion on the importance of uniting, organising and international trade union solidarity - which was chaired by Shabbir Lakha.

Whilst real wages are going down and the cost of living soars out of control, Amazon raked in record revenue of $121bn for the second quarter of 2022 and continues its disgraceful union-busting tactics. However, workers here and in the US are organising and fighting back. Smalls convened the JFK8 warehouse workers who voted in favour of unionising their branch in April 2022 - and more victories have followed.

Since its founding, the Peace & Justice Project has collaborated with UK and international trade unions for campaigns at global giants such as Starbucks Coffee with Unite the Union and Workers United, and Amazon where have also supported Progressive International's Make Amazon Pay campaign. We also continue to work with BFAWU on the campaign to unionise Samworth Brothers in Leicester and Cornwall.

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