Jeremy Corbyn calls for defence of international law after Palestinian deaths in the occupied West Bank

Peace & Justice Project founder Jeremy Corbyn has called for consistent and ethical foreign policy that defends international law after Israeli settlers set dozens of Palestinian homes and cars on fire in Huwara in the occupied West Bank.

This follows some of the worst outburst of violence in the region in decades and the bloodiest start to the year in recent memory.

Palestinian media said some 30 homes and cars were torched during the late-night rampage by the settlers which has taken the life of at least one Palestinian and has left over 400 injured. Earlier this month, 11 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli military raid in Nablus.

Reacting to the recent attacks, Peace & Justice Project founder and MP for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“Palestinians face ongoing violence, oppression and displacement under an increasingly authoritarian regime. We need a consistent and ethical foreign policy that defends international law, condemns human rights abuses wherever they appear, and secures peace around the world.”
– Jeremy Corbyn

Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched a lobbying tool to call on the UK government to take action and place sanctions on Israeli apartheid.

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