Jeremy Corbyn addresses European Left conference in Vienna

JC Vienna
Speaking at the European Left conference in Vienna, Jeremy Corbyn called for a "fightback against the neoliberal that privatised railways and the postal service", as well as setting out a vision of hope for the next generation.

Jeremy also used his speech as an opportunity to give a statement of solidarity with all workers taking strike action in the UK, as well as calling on defence of the National Health Service and the redistribution of wealth to working class communities through the nationalisation of our energy, water, mail and rail.

Speaking of unity and delivering a message of hope to younger generations, including those working in low wage jobs and in the gig economy, Jeremy said: "It's bread and roses and music and art and culture that must be part of our movement."

Watch Jeremy's full speech below:

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn's full speech to the European Left in Vienna
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