Enough Is Enough: Jeremy Corbyn makes surprise appearance at Norwich launch

Jeremy Corbyn made a surprise appearance at the Norwich launch of the Enough Is Enough camapaign.

Speaking at the launch at Norwich's Epic Studios, which was attended by around 900 people who gave a warm welcome, Jeremy demanded the new Prime Minister Liz Truss take urgent action to address the cost of living emergency, as well as full public ownership of energy companies, water, mail and rail to cap costs and bring down spiralling household bills.

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Jeremy Corbyn addresses the 900-strong rally

The Enough Is Enough is demanding:

  • A rise in the minimum wage, with a path to £15 an hour
  • Slash energy bills and cancel the price hike 
  • End food poverty and enshrine the right to food into law, with universal free school meals, community kitchens and reinstating the £20 universal credit uplift
  • Decent homes for all, caps on rents and build 100,000 council homes a year
  • Tax the rich and crack down on avoidance 

Further rallies and demonstrations will be announced, prior to a day of action on 1 October 2022.