Statement on Julian Assange

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Following the conclusion of Julian Assange's extradution appeal hearing, the Peace & Justice Project has released the following statement:

"Julian Assange exposed the truth about the War on Terror and the crimes of government in the US and around the world and demonstrated the power of journalistic bravery.

For the past two days, Assange's extradition appeal hearing has taken place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. If the appeal is rejected, Julian Assange risks extradition to the United States and a sentence of 175 years in one of the highest security prisons in the world. The ruling of the court will not only determine Assange's fate, but our right to know the truth about the secretive actions of our government and corporations around the globe.

The US government's case seeks to make an example of Julian Assange and fire a warning shot to all investigative journalists courageously working to reveal truth and bring about justice.

We remain committed to supporting Julian Assange, freedom of the press and accountability of those in high power. Our thoughts and solidarity remain with Julian's family at this time.

Free Julian Assange."