Voices of Refugees

We are amid one of the biggest humanitarian crises in history.

Almost 80 million people globally have been forced to flee their homes against their will by wars, climate change and environmental destruction, oppression, extreme poverty, and corporate greed.

Refugees and migrants have been scapegoated while poverty and inequality has soared at home. Instead of allowing the few to divide us, we need to build solidarity across borders and across communities to stand up for dignity, human rights, and big changes to systems that hurt us all.

Refugees are not passive victims; but people whose ideas, and experiences should shape a more just and decent world.

Supported by the International Transport Workers’ Federation, this event will bring together displaced people from different backgrounds across the world, to explain their struggles as well as their hopes for the future.

This event is the beginning – not the end – of building a movement for global justice with displaced people at its heart. Join us.

Date and time: May 22nd, at 3pm London time

Location: Online – you will be emailed a link after signing up below