Pandemic Solidarity

Local Transport Campaigns

Across the country we’re setting up and supporting campaigns calling for better and more affordable public transport. For our children, our high streets and our environment having better public transport is vital. To help organise a campaign in your area email 

Supporting Trade Union Campaigns

Today only a small minority of workers are in a trade union, private sector membership is around 10% and young worker membership around 7%. We’re working with trade unions – both nationally and with local branches – to support disputes and win campaigns for union recognition. If you’re a trade union branch get in touch with us on

Building Community Sharewears

We’re working with Sharewear, a charity providing clothing to families and individuals in need,  supporting their essential work beyond the East Midlands. We’re setting up community Sharewears in London, Birmingham and Manchester. To get involved in this campaign email 


and a extra little ask…

DEPHER have been providing direct support and relief to hundreds of families across the country, helping the most vulnerable in our community with heating and plumbing repairs and installations free of charge. We know our movement is made up of workers including plumbers & engineers – fill out this form if you can volunteer your time and skills with DEPHER.