WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn speaks at Stop Refugee Families Freezing rally

On Saturday 15 January, Jeremy Corbyn addressed the Stop Families Freezing rally outside the Polish Embassy in London.

Speaking at the rally, Jeremy drew attention to the plight of refugees at the Poland and Belarus border crossing, as well as the reports of lack of food, water, shelter and the human rights abuses carried out by border forces which have been reported as refugees try to enter the European Union, resulting in numerous refugees freezing to death in the sub zero temperatures.

Jeremy referenced the 70 million refugees worldwide, condemning the “waste of life of people who could be growing, working, learning, studying, helping and aiding others” and called for solidarity with refugees and unity against the government’s Nationalities Bill, which seeks to criminalise people assisting refugees drowning at sea, among other violations of international law.

Watch Jeremy’s speech at the Stop Refugee Families Freezing rally: