NEWS: Julian Assange wins right to appeal extradition

The Peace and Justice Project welcomes the High Court decision to allow the journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to appeal his extradition to the US at the Supreme Court.

Julian Assange has been held at London’s Belmarsh Prison since 2019 after exposing US war crimes. In January 2021, the US was refused permission to extradite him to face charges of espionage. The US successfully appealed that decision in October 2021. Today’s ruling permits Assange to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

Following the court ruling, Jeremy Corbyn MP, founder of the Peace and Justice Project said:

“Journalism is not a crime. Wikileaks exposed crimes of US empire in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. The perpetrators of these crimes walk free, often still prominent public figures in the US, U.K. and elsewhere. They should be held accountable for the lives they destroyed and the futures they stole. I pay tribute to the incredible hard work of Julian’s legal team, and extend my support and solidarity to his fiancé, Stella, and their two children.”

In October 2021, Progressive International held The Belmarsh Tribunal in London, putting the War on Terror on trial and bringing together figures from law, journalism and politics, including Jeremy Corbyn.

Watch The Belmarsh Tribunal below: