NEWS: Jeremy Corbyn delivers keynote speech at Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture

On Saturday 29 January, Jeremy Corbyn delivered the keynote speech at the annual Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture at Derry Guildhall, marking 50 years since the brutal murder of innocent civilians by British forces in the city – on a day which came to be known as Bloody Sunday.

During his visit to the city of Derry, Jeremy was invited to plant the Creggan Enterprises 30th anniversary oak tree at the Ráth Mór Centre alongside pupils from St John’s and Holy Child Primary Schools, celebrating their incredible contribution to the local community in Derry.  At the Ráth Mór Centre, Jeremy met Unheard Voices, a support group for the families of the victims of violence, as well as the Lifehack and Focus programmes.  Jeremy also met with Sixth Form students from St Cecilia’s and St Joseph’s Schools to discuss positive changes to the Creggan Estate and their hopes for a new university in Derry.

The Creggan Enterprises 30 anniversary oak plaque.

Before heading to the Derry Guildhall, Jeremy paid his respects to the 14 killed on Bloody Sunday at the monument in the Bogside, as well as brief visits to the Museum of Free Derry and the Free Derry Corner.

Jeremy Corbyn pays his respects to the 14 killed on Bloody Sunday.

Upon his arrival at the Guildhall, Jeremy was given a warm welcome by those in attendance and began his speech by thanking those who had invited him to give the speech, which he described as an ‘honour and a privilege’.

During his speech, Jeremy named the victims of Bloody Sunday and read ‘The Road to Derry’, a poem by Seamus Heaney written after the killings.  In his speech, Jeremy highlighted that no one is yet to face justice for the murders saying “it is an outrage that no one has been prosecuted for the deaths of 14 innocent protestors”, whilst also condemning the forthcoming Amnesty Bill, which would effectively introduce a statute of limitations for crimes carried out by British forces in Ireland, calling it “nothing short of complicity in covering up the truth”.

Following his speech, Jeremy was presented with a beautiful model of Free Derry Corner emblazoned with the Palestinian flag to thank him for his many years of support for the Bloody Sunday families and commitment to justice for those lost on that day.

Jeremy is presented with a model of Free Derry Corner.

Watch Jeremy Corbyn’s full keynote speech at the annual Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture below: