Jeremy Corbyn speaks at European Forum

On Friday 26 November, Jeremy Corbyn addressed the opening session of the 2021 European Forum in Brussels.

At ‘The Big Challenges for the Future of Europe’, which focused on the issues facing young people in Europe and around the world and the importance of building an alternative vision on the left, Jeremy was joined by the Vice-President of the European Left Pierre Laurent, the Spanish Minister of Labour Yolanda Diaz MP, Chloé Meulewaeter from the International Peace Bureau, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation Luca Visentini, the Executive Secretariat of the Forum from São Paulo Monica Valente, and Dorothy Guerrero of Global Justice Now/COP26 Coalition.

The European Forum is a unique space where the left, greens and progressives can come together and share their struggles.  It is organised by the European Left, and supported by the European Parliament, to formulate and fight for alternative, fairer and greener solutions to the crises facing Europe.

The panellists covered a wide range of issues, from the climate emergency, refugee crisis and the impact of these issues on young people and the generations to follow, with excellent discussions and passionate contributions from all speakers.  In his remarks, Jeremy said: “There has to be something different, a youth manifesto, a redistribution of wealth so young people can have real hope in this world – and it isn’t just economic, it’s also social, creative and artistic — it’s bread and roses as well.”

Jeremy has also signed the Final Declaration of the 5th European Forum, which you can read here.

Watch the opening session highlights: