Mission Statement

To bring people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights, in Britain and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Project will back campaigns, commission reports and develop progressive networks in Britain and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Project will work with labour and social movements and provide platforms to those campaigning for change for the many, not the few.

Jeremy Corbyn on stage applauding a crowd of supporters
Firefighting helicopter dropping water on forest fire

From wars and pandemics to economic and environmental crises, the events of recent years have exposed the failure of our systems. Inequality, insecurity and human rights abuses have increased. Domestic and international problems and injustices can no longer be separated. We need to build solidarity beyond borders and across communities, and solve our common problems together.

Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong advocate for peace and socialism. After stepping down as leader of the Labour Party, he is using his experience and connections to create a platform, network, and resource that can support campaigners for social justice and progressive change.

Jeremy Corbyn in a meeting. Black and white photograph.

Our areas of focus will be economic security, global justice, a democratic society, and climate justice.

The Peace and Justice Project will combine analysis, campaigning and networking. It will shine a light on injustices, offer space and hope to those driving change, and generate ideas for a future that works for the many, not the few.

A group of activists protesting