Act On Forde: Sabotage & Abuse

Act On Forde PJP website

Peace & Justice Project fringe event at The World Transformed.

The Forde Report confirmed that senior Labour officials obstructed and undermined the elected leadership during the Corbyn years, even secretly diverting funds in the 2017 election. Forde highlighted a hierarchy of racism under Keir Starmer and criticised the factional abuse of the disciplinary system. The response of the current administration? Silence. So what action should Labour members and affiliates demand after Forde?

How can those responsible for these abuses be held to account?

Join Jeremy Corbyn, Len McCluskey, Anna Rothery, Pamela Fitzpatrick, Jon Trickett, and Chloe Schlosberg and more to be announced in what’s sure to be an agenda-setting discussion.